TWICE is a subproject of the research project ICE of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and is part of the PhD thesis of Oliver Schmid

The widespread availability of personal mobile devices, combined with the increasing availability of stationary public devices such as large interactive displays, creates new opportunities for computer-supported collaborative work. In particular, these two factors enable the emergence of collaborative scenarios, whether planned or spontaneous, in any location, and previous obstacles to such collaborative settings such as limitations on the number of devices available for use and infrastructure costs can be overcome more easily. As hardware restrictions diminish, the need for software toolkits that simplify the development of distributed collaborative applications allowing for device heterogeneity, true multi-user interaction and spontaneous emergence increases. The aim of the Toolkit for Web-based Interactive Collaborative Environments is to address these issues. This is done using current standard web technologies extended for real-time application (and structured using specific development guidelines) while ensuring compatibility with the manifold new evolutions in the currently ongoing development of open web platform (HTML5, websockets, etc). The toolkit mainly focuses on synchronous co-located collaborative systems (same place/same time). But the solution, the technologies used, as well as the concepts that are introduced are easily extendable for remote and/or asynchronous collaboration.

Demos and instructions

Take a look at some showcases as well as instruction videos of TWICE. Currently, the videos are available encoded in WebM only and therefore require a HTML5-capable web browser with WebM-support (e.g. Google Chrome)


TWICE on Github

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Journal article

Read the article about TWICE in "Personal and Ubiquitous Computing" Issue 5 (June 2014)


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